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"Life of a voyeur" KYNKBLOG

Hey guys! Welcome to my first blog. First let me introduce myself. My name is Sri-lanka (yes like the country) and no I was not born, conceived or visited. Hopefully one day I will! Everyone always asks me how I got my name. I am 33 and a bi-sexual.

I’ve created this blog because I often get asked about my sexual experiences as a voyeur and my threesomes along with the billionaire dollar question “don’t you get jealous?”. I also want people to open up and feel comfortable in their sexuality, kinks and fetishes. I will be covering a range of topics from sex parties, masturbation, sex toys, how to spice things up in the bedroom etc.

Disclaimer: I am not a qualified educator and everything I talk about are from personal experiences.



Hey guys!

So today is my first time i will be attending a sex party with my husband. There are so many questions i have.

1. Am i ready to watch my husband fuck someone else?

2. What if i don't like it?

3. What if someone slaps my bum?

4. Do i have to fuck?

5. How do i say no without making the other person feel uncomfortable?

6. What if i start throwing hands because another woman is enjoying my husbands dick?

7.How does it work?

8. What if someone films me and i end up on twitter?

With all the questions unanswered and my pussy beating all i could do is play the what ifs in my mind.

"I'm about to fulfil my fantasies"?

I've always wanted to watch my partner play with other women but its one thing thinking about it and another thing actually seeing it first hand.

So times getting and hubby are packing up the sex toys that are going to be selling and i am about to get ready.

"What do i wear?"

With my fupa hanging and limited outfits and my what ifs. I start to get ready. I jump in the bath and shave my pussy hairs. Hubby walks in the bathroom and gives me a kiss on my lips and says " you will be fine, are there any questions that you want to ask?' Me like a doughnut reluctantly says "mmmm no"? Hubby says "are you sure?" i reply "yes, i am sure".

It's time to go and i spray on my favourite angel perfume, smelling like a sweet pastry straight out the oven.

Im excited and nervous at the same time. As we pull up to the venue, hubby asks again "is there anything you want to ask?' I say "no".

I must say i was unimpressed with the venue. I was not expecting it to be in Tottenham in a block of flats on the second floor.

"Knock Knock"

The door opens......the promoter opens the door and is checking me out and asks me to remove my coat. Hubby jumps in and says "its her first time, let her warm up". The promoter replies' "ok", you guys can set up downstairs".

As we walk downstairs i see porn playing on the TV. Both men and women are dressed in sexy lingerie in all different shapes and sizes so i weren't the only one with a fupa. "Phew".

"Can i have your phones please? the promotor asks. I look at hubby. Hubby says "yes, i will give you the phone in minute. My what ifs come into play again.

What if i need to run?

What if my phone gets lost?

What if i don't get it back?

More people are entering the party in their sexy lingerie and the women are asking for my name and saying, "you are beautiful, i like your outfit".

I hear a big bang the balcony window. OMG! The women is getting fucked in doggy position on the balcony and she's moaning. She's sounding sexy asf!

My pussy and heart is beating again but this time fast.

Where's hubby? ahh he's there! Phew! He asks "are you ok?" i nod my head.

My pussy is wet, juices are flowing, pussy is beating. The more i hear moans and smell the sex in the air the more horny i get.

Should i grab hubbys dick and kiss him?

Unfortunately! i chickened out.

We go upstairs and we see everyone fucking, bum and pussy out, cum sucking, promoter getting head. I stood beside him and he was enjoying it with his head and eyes rolled back whilst the girl is gliding her mouth and back fourth on his wet dick.

Hubby grabbed my waist and asked "are you ok?" He wanted me to get on my knees and give him head but i was too shy to do it. We continued to watch the fuck fest. I felt eyes watching us. This sexy girl is waving at us and we wave back. I was too shy to ask her if she wanted to play but as the time went on i plucked up the courage to ask for her number and cha-ching! she gave it.

After a while we went downstairs and i stopped hubby half way down and told him to sit down. I took his dick out and sucked it. Mmmmm tasty! I faced my fear. I did it! People are walking up and down the stairs. I did not care i sucked that dick like a strawberry lollipop.

Shy mode deactivated!

I licked my lips and sucked my fingers after.

As we walk down the rest of the stairs, there are people fucking, sucking, slurping on the bed, floor, balcony, chair and kitchen. I got on my knees and sucked that dick again, this time with excitement and enjoyment. I grabbed a girl, kissed her and wrapped my lips around hubbys dick and she followed suit. There we are sliding our mouth and tongue down hubbys dick. I feel like a good girl.

I quickly grabbed the vibrator out the bag and placed it in between the girls clit whilst she sucked off hubby. It was intense she said "i cant take it" so we stopped.

I couldn't believe it i faced my fear and enjoyed every last bit of it.

All the men praised hubby and asked "how did you do that?"

I got myself ready, got my phone out and walked out the flat proudly.

We got in the car and drove home.

Keep in touch for Volume2, love You allllll.